Cellini & Co.



Desiging dab tools that look and feel like dab tools. Materials are kept true to themselves; woods here are never dyed, stained, or painted - with a few exceptions. Each one is comfortable to hold, not too big, not too small. Hand-made in the San Francisco Bay Area, individualy and soley produced by the J. Cellini.

Cellini & Co. dabbers currently come in four main collections:
  • Premiere - Straight handles with a finger cove and little or no ornamentation, keeping a modern, simple aesthetic; no inlays and a satin finsh.
  • Haute de gemme - Straight handles, defined by an opal pommel, often accompanied by more opal, brass wire inlays, or ornamental carving.
  • Georgian - Elegantly tapered handles, often with fluting, scalloping, inlays, and always a carved pommel (sometimes set with opal).
  • Pomme de pin - Straight handles with pinecone, or "coronet" carved pommel, and other
Other collections or hand-made goods such as hand embroidered shoes, smoking clips, ash trays, marble stands, etc, will pop up from time to time depending on the creative output and financial levels of Cellini & Co. Donate to the cause by sending any amount of money too $CelliniAndCo on cashapp or Venmo.

Check this page from time to time for cryptic messages, secret updates, and other fun games.